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Monday, 25 July 2016

Mom's Walk of Pride

A mom walks as her little one follows her begrudgingly :)
The little lady sleeps peacefully. There is a general sense of calm. Things look more in control now than earlier. May be it is just a phase. We all go through this.
Yesterday some friends of ours invited us over for a day of fun with them. A full day! And all I could think of was the number of baby bottles, formula, boiled water, diapers and wipes I would be carrying to cover for a full day!!!
It takes planning to even take a walk in the community park. 
I look down the balcony lost in these thoughts and as if to give weight to my thoughts as some primordial truth, I see a mommy walking on the jogging track below with her little one following with his nanny in tow.
Now, little ones do not care that you cannot fit into your summer dress anymore and need a solid run everyday. They are more curious with the shadows of the trees and the foliage turned verdant this monsoon. Every now and then he waves at the passersby and picks the tamarind fruit cast away by the tree above him. He knows not his mothers hurry and is taking in the sun's glory.
The mother on the other hand, has a watch to follow. She is looking at it and calculating. It takes 6 minutes to take one round of the track without the baby, with the baby it might take 12. Her ambition is slowly melting away in the balmy sun. She is after all a mother first.

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