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Tuesday, 26 July 2016


Fitness is a fad for many, for me it is a necessity. Pregnancy gave me my baby, but it also gave me pregnancy induced hypertension. I am still getting treated for it and hence managing my lifestyle is a very important feature for me.

Now hypertension is a case of high blood pressure which in turn can cause serious health risks for you. However if managed well, you can live a normal life with it.
In pregnancy induced hypertension, there is a chance you may get rid of it and there is chance it may continue to pester you lifelong. If it is temporary, then proper medication would have helped you get rid of it, but if it is permanent then you are on lifelong medicine intake.

The verdict is still not out in my case. My BP is being controlled with medication these days, and along with this I need to eat carefully and exercise to loose weight.

Now, since I have moved back, I have been taking ocassional walks and watching my food intake. I still need to start exercising. So I am starting with the following :

Equipment Required -

1. A fitness ball - bought and inflated 
2. Walking shoes - done
3. Weighing scale - TBD :-(
4. Motivation!!

Started 3 days back without the weighing scale... wish me luck !

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