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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Back Home!

Its been 4 days that I am back with my partner.

The last 10 months, we had been staying apart due to my pregnancy and thereafter to look after my baby with my parents' help.

Now back to this city with my little one and husband, life is completely different this time around. I am no more corporate professional rushing to work in the morning and coming back 12 hours later. Between coming home and going to work again was what I called my married life. Oh, we were like room mates who were also 'really close' :-D

Now, I am a SAHM (stay at home mother), making breakfast in the morning, taking care of a 4 month old baby, changing her, feeding her and keeping her entertained. It gets boring having to wait for a husband who is out for work however, I saw something special today.

I saw a blue butterfly, a figging blue butterfly on the tamarind tree in front of my balconies. It was a vibrant blue, resplendent in its summer glory. I was jubilant. I must be crazy, eh?

The last 10 years of my business degree and work life, I have yearned to 'stop and smell the roses' figuratively speaking and quite literally too. And today, I just did.

I know what weather it is outside of a closed cubicle. I can feel the breeze, have an evening tea, plan my dinner and write my blog.

I had that life and it was good and bad ( a career with no personal life) and I have this life and it is both good and bad again ( personal freedom and career on hold).

In a couple of months, I might back to a grueling schedule putting all 'smell the roses' dreams to some unforeseen weekend.

Before that happens, let me just smell the roses.

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