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Monday, 23 May 2016

The Surgery and its Ramifications

In the 6th month of my pregnancy, my gynecologist discovered that I am starting to show signs of pre-eclampsia. My blood pressure was soaring. She put me on a salt-less diet and bed rest and blood pressure pills.

I was closely monitored so much so that in the last 3 weeks I was visiting the clinic twice a day.
On March 10th my doctor said she couldn't wait any longer than the 37th week. 16th March was decided to be the day of the operation.

March 15 - We check in to the hospital in the evening and the prep for the surgery began with a nurse coming in and injecting me with the glucose bottles. Another nurse came in with the catheter. And this was just the beginning.

The next day in the morning I was wheeled in to the OT, the anesthetist gave me a spinal anesthesia ( I was never verbally told about what it means to be taking one, if there are other options available to me and what are the post surgery effects upon taking a spinal vs. local vs. epidural - epidural was not an option for me however, local could have been). It might have been the best option for me, however, I would have liked to be spoken to about it beforehand, rather than just signing a document saying I was OK with it.

Post surgery, the next few days I was bed ridden. I was not allowed to even raise my head above the body level. I was in so much pain in the muscles that a pillow to raise my head seemed like heavenly - the result was a mind numbing spinal headache that ran from my head down to my spine and made me dizzy. It was the most horrendous headache I experienced.
My blood pressure came back on day 3, and my doctor said I was a case of post-partum eclampsia and gave me some pills which did not help me much. I was prescribed by my doctor to take an Electerol to help my headache. The combination spiked my BP to over 200/160, my family insisted and I was in the ICU for the night. The cardiologists my family concurred with, rectified my medication and the next day I was better. While it might just be one night, I realized that you cannot take life for granted, that every moment counts.
I was discharged the next day but the pain of surgery remained for the next few weeks. It's ten weeks now and I feel ready to do normal stuff for the last 4 weeks, even so the after effects although bearable, remain.

Surgery was necessary in my case and it gave me my baby safe and sound in my arms. It also kept me fine.Now I have another bunch of tasks, like getting back in shape, getting back to work and in general put life back in normal order.

Giving birth to a baby is the most amazing and the most terrifying thing I have done in my life. But at the end of it, I got myself my little bun. 

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