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Tuesday, 31 May 2016


Hello Dearies,

Last few days I have been resolving to get back on the fitness track. I have started to actually watch my food and the results have started to show!
As per my last update, I was 73 kg. Well, yesterday I measured myself and I was 72 kg (yay!).
Now I am 10 kg away from my target.

I think I have mentioned it in my previous posts that I have quit my high profile corporate job in the pursuit of mommy-ness (sheesh!!). I have given myself 1 year to take care of my baby before I start with job hunting and look into child care options. All these years, I have never had so much time off when I have no place to rush to in the morning. I always told myself that if I had the time, i would have done this and that and whatnot. So now this is my once in a lifetime opportunity to best utilize this one year.

Starting tomorrow i.e. 1st June 2016, I give myself 7 personal challenges to beat. I have specifically not mentioned anything to do with child care here because that is not a challenge - that's my baby, my life. :-*

1. Obvious - reach the 62 kg milestone.

2. Learn a foreign language - After French, its German now!
3. Improve my style quotient - I am such a lazy bone that my favorite is just a pair of t shirt and jeans and hair tied in a bun, but this time it is different. and different needs work!
4. Straighten my hair - I love my curls, but I am going to carry straight hair for a year and see how it goes.
5. Engage in a physical activity - Aerobics or Bollywood dance is what I am thinking.
6. Travel more - With a baby in tow, it will mostly be quite weekend getaways. But it is more of a qualitative assignment in nature and one I can be the judge of.
7. Explore healthy cooking as a way of life - another qualitative one.

This is it! I am going to give an update on it on a regular basis. In a nutshell, this blog is an opportunity for me to complete the challenges.

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