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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Coming Home!!

After 6 days in captivity ( I was finally back home.

Coming home to familiar surroundings was a joy in itself. I remember telling my doctor that all I need is to go home now.

But the best thing was to welcome the baby home.

Baby Keisha decided to sleep right away as she reached home. And her grand mom arrived from Bombay right after she reached home. It was a party next few days, except for me.

I was still dealing with surgery pain - not able to sit and stand without any pain. The abdominal belt in the scorching Indian summer did not help either. Holding my own baby seemed like a task.

Thankfully I had my husband, my mother in law and my parents to take care of me. While my mother cooked and cleaned, my mother in law took care of the baby, and my husband and father took care of outside affairs; and I got enough rest.

My baby made me take cognizance of the huge support my family is for me.

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