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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Baby Shopping Anyone??

Nothing beats planning ahead in time before baby birth. And the best way to realize how important the above statement is by giving birth and being responsible for a new born.
There are women who have extremely enthusiastic husbands who make lists and go shopping with them; however, mine belongs to the opposite end of the spectrum. He is interested in shopping as long as I am the one doing it. Never mind ladies, for I am not the kind to give up.
Through most of my pregnancy I was staying away from him, what with his traveling abroad for few months and then my staying with my parents for the remainder of the pregnancy for health reasons. I did most of the shopping myself online while bombarding him with shortlisted options. J
My favorite is most definitely the Bright Starts Bouncer. My baby loves sitting on it and doesn’t even need the vibrating option on the bouncer. She stays amused on this one or sleeps instantly.

Baby Keisha - 2 months old

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